Founded in July, 1994, Shanghai Newwenseas International Transportation CO.,Ltd. is one of the international freight forwarders with license approved by the Ministry of Commerce. The company is a director member of Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Association, a member of Shanghai Customs Clearance Association and granted the NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) certificate.
We take our clients’ demands as the most important to provide our best services. Mature at business operation and administrative management with the experience of years, we are able to provide the timely and systematic service to our clients. We also boast a team of well-trained and conscientious staff praised by our clients and the forwarding circle.
We hope all of you will give us support as always and we will by all means reward you with our best service.

Our company is an international freight forwarding company with the qualification of “NVOCC” (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) approved by the Ministry of Communication of P.R. China. It provides comprehensive professional service to our clients.
Business operation of our company is supported by an advanced professional software system integrated with operation, finance, administrative management and customer service and a team of experienced staff., so we are able to meet all kinds of demands from our clients.

Main businesses include:
Market development, market information gathering, clients’ inquiry reply and export freight rates management;
Cargo canvassing, signing of freight forwarding contracts;
Space booking, stowing, inspection declaration and customs declaration;
Bill of lading issuing, door-to-door transportation of container, container banning at terminal and the exit of warehouse;
Handling the issues related to shortage, damage, claim settlement of import and export goods on behalf of client;
Handling insurance, animal/plant quarantine and fumigation of goods;
Handling freightage and freightage documents, and collecting and paying relevant expenses on behalf of clients.

Sea Transportation – Export
Provide preferential and reasonable freight rates and guaranty clients’ interest.
Accept the consolidation of goods to save freightage for clients.
Accept business on refrigeration container, open top container and GOH container.
Prepare cargo space booking right after the receipt of letter of entrustment and notice clients the booking note number of shipping company.
Timely inspection declaration and custom declaration
Provide clients the duplicate of B/L for confirmation in time
Provide clients the timely information on vessel sailing and arrival.
Accept clients’ inquiries on sea route, custom declaration information, vessel sailing information and freight and miscellaneous charges, etc.

Sea Transportation-Import
Accept clients’ entrustment to do the business of import to Shanghai from the world.
Custom declaration of cargo imported from abroad.
Provide allocation forms, custom declaration, inspection declaration, animal and plant quarantine, terminal cargo picking up.
Provide direct picking up of FCL and devanning and distribution of LCL.
Provide timely arrival information to consignees and consigners at home and abroad.
Accept clients’ inquiries on custom declaration information, vessel sailing information and freight and miscellaneous charges, etc.

Air Transportation
Provide the station-to-station and door-to-door services for the imported and exported cargo through the air transportation.
Provide the air GOH container service.
Provide the service for the custom clearance and transfer of the import through the air transportation in the Free Trade zone.
Provide the service for the making and the transfer of air transportation documents.
Provide computerized tracking and tracing inquiry service.
Major air routes include:
North America and South America
South-East Asia

Airline Company: CV,EK,AA,5X,MU,CA



Address: Rm 309, No.950, Dalian Road, Shanghai
Zip Code: 200092

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